Skiing with seaview

Unimaginable, but true. In only one hour driving time, you can reach an extensive but relatively quiet ski area at 2000 meters altitude in an almost untouched, natural mountain landscape. This is also possible in Liguria itself and in two nearby ski resorts in Piedmont! 

Ski resorts nearby
Monesi in Liguria: small, but also very cheap and absolutely natural, only 40 km from Imperia, region of Turin.

Limone Riserva bianca in Piedmont: very beautiful, traditional ski area, also Olympia Venue, only 120 km from Imperia, Cuneo region with 80 km of slopes.

Prato Nevoso & Artesina – Mondole Ski in Piedmont: compact ski area, ideal for beginners and children, only 130 km from Imperia, with 130 km of slopes.


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